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Want to get all your

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Discover my never been taught before content system and frameworks to plan, create, schedule, and repurpose a year of content in only 5 days!

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Learn to create content that converts

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Get More Affiliate Signups, Course Sales, and Clients Using my "Automated Content System"

Messaging That Works

Would a better-engaged, loyal audience help grow your business?

Do you often times find yourself overwhelmed with trying to figure out what kind of content to publish each day, wasting hours of time?

If so, then you’re going to LOVE the “Content That Converts” Challenge that is changing content marketing for good!

My name is Doug Boughton.

This is my personal invite for you to join something I call the “Content That Converts” 5-Day Challenge.

If you answered “YES” to any of the questions above, then I know something about you…

You have the desire to do BIG THINGS…

You have a story and message that needs to be heard… And you know the right way to do that is with content marketing!

But, a few simple things are holding you back... and it isn't happening as quickly as you'd like.


Here's the TRUTH:

What do all of the entrepreneurs, sales pros, and business owners that are killing it online have in common?

They all do content marketing.

Not just that, they do it strategically.

From solopreneurs… all the way up to the online gurus.
Me, personally? I have grown my audience into the tens of thousands. Some content has worked really well… and other posts have completely bombed.

High-level folks pay me $15,000 or more for me to privately expose some of my strategies.

It took me over two years to figure this out.

I used to post random content and just try to see what would stick…and found myself getting little to no engagement!

It wasn’t until I stopped trying to make one-sized-fits all content…and really started making them for my specific viewer.

Suddenly, I knew exactly what to say in my content and the leads just started to flow…every time.

Best Part?

My content now converts like crazy, bringing me quality ideal leads and customers, every single day. Now, I want to help you do the same...

In Less Than 5 Days You'll Have
ALL Your Content Marketing DONE...

Each Day I Will Coach You On...


Take The Challenge

Create Content That Sells Your Offers on Autopilot

Challenge your idea of what's possible and skip years of struggle.


5 Day Commitment and Participation

1-2 hrs per day for 5 days. Accomplish a result each day.

Final Result

Create a Content System & Automate Your Sales

Level up by making more perfect high ticket offers quickly by the end of class.

This Class Is For

Affiliate Marketers, Coaches & Consultants

Beginner or advanced, this class will explode your business.

Transform The Way You Create Content...

Learn To Create Content That Sells Your Offers!

"Your Way to AMAZING Clients & an AMAZING Life!

During this 5-Day class, I will teach you my “Content Automation System” to content creation. You will learn how I create content, automate and schedule my content in a calendar, and even repurpose it.

Get practical and applicable training on the tools and automations I use to create content. I will break down easy to follow steps on software programs such as Canva, Funnels, Google Suite, and Content Management tools.

Learn the exact organic marketing strategies that allowed me to earn over $1 Million online without using paid advertising strategies. When I started implementing this new process it allowed me to stop being a slave to messenger and creating useless content that seemed to never generate any leads. Each day I will break down a new strategy for you and show you exact examples and how I am doing this.

The fastest way to a 6-7 figure business organically with content marketing and Automation, and the fastest way to create this content that converts system is through the “Content That Converts” Challenge! How fast? Just 5 days!

Day 1 Results

You will know the 3 feelings your content must convey and create a content system that attracts clients on autopilot.

Day 2 Results

You will learn the three types off content you should be creating that attracts, nurtures and converts leads.

Day 3 Results

Learn how to find out exactly what your audience needs and what they need most so you can create content around it.

Day 4 Results

You’ll map out your own automated offer machine and create your first "objection destroying automated offer".

Day 5 Results

You'll learn how to backlog and schedule your content using my automated content system that sells for you.

Join the Challenge

Grab your ticket and join the challenge today

5 Days to Change Your Business

Learn to find the hidden strategy behind content creation you didn't know you had, and learn a proven process Doug has used to close over 1,000 affiliate, course, and coaching program sales.

(and how he has successfully taught this to others in any industry including health, business, and personal development)

Challenge includes in depth training sessions, projects, Q & A and feedback sessions.

Day 1: The #1 Mistake of Content Creation

On the first day, you will understand the 3 feelings your content must deliver and how to create a "content that converts" strategy you can begin using NOW.

Day 1 Result

You will know the 3 feelings your content must convey and create a content system that attracts clients on autopilot.

Day 2 Result

You will know the 3 feelings your content must convey and create a content system that attracts clients on autopilot.

Day 2: The 3 Types of Content You Should Create

On the second day, you will discover the three types of content that you should be creating and the first one will help you attract higher quality leads on autopilot!

Day 3: How to Plan 12 Months Of Content in 1 Day

On the third day, you will get my step by step process to plan out 12 months of content with a systematic approach.

Day 2 Result

Learn how to find out exactly what your audience needs and what they need most so you can create content around it.

Day 4 Result

​You’ll map out your own automated content machine and create your "Audience Content Conversion System."

Day 4: Create 68 Pieces of Content From 1 Video

On the fourth day, you will learn how to create ALL of your weekly content based on 1 video per week.

Day 5: The Audience Conversion System

On the fifth day, you will learn the exact system I use to automate my content and lead conversion process so I can wake up to new sales everyday.

Day 5 Result

You'll learn how to backlog and schedule your content using my automated content system that allows prospects to close themselves.

learn from 2cc Member

Doug Boughton

During this LIVE 5 day class, you’ll learn how Doug went from a struggling restaurant server, to becoming a ClickFunnel’s Dream Car Winner and 7-Figure online Entrepreneur.

Doug has previously only shared this information with his own Coaching Clients.

New and advanced entrepreneurs will learn how to get your content in front of the right audience in an advanced way you never knew existed! Let’s create your Automated Content System Together and plan your next year of content in Only 5 Days!

5 days- One Hour Per Day- "TAKE ACTION" Oriented

Spend 5 Days with Doug Boughton and get the kick in the butt you need to create Content That Converts NOW! You won't leave this challenge just feeling good, you could leave it with a content system that will attract, nurture, and convert leads!

This Stuff Actually Gets Results!

Listen to what some of our clients have to say about their experience in our program...

Still have questions? here are some answers

Frequently Asked Questions

Entrepreneurs who feel stagnate with their online content and sales. Affiliate Marketers, Coaches, Course Creators and DFY providers with products and services they would like to sell more of and work with better clients without spending using an automated system to create content that converts.

People who are looking for an “easy way”, a template, share funnel, or “secret formula”. This is also NOT for business opportunity seekers or people that want easy money. It’s not a shiny object to let dust collect on, you MUST go through the challenge because ALL the recordings disappear on day 6. If you are not serious about your business, please don’t waste your money or our time.

There are 2 ways to participate in “Content That Converts” Challenge. The General Admission Experience is only $27 and the VIP Experience is only $97 for the exclusive VIP ticket Zoom post-event Q&A and VIP Coaching with Doug Boughton where he can go into your exact situation and content creation process.

I’ve never done this before, except for my high end Mastermind. This is all new content and frameworks.

Yes, classes will be live and recorded, but you won’t be able to purchase the recordings. You will need to watch the challenge live or watch the recordings for each day, by the end of the day. Limited time recordings will be posted in the Facebook group (the final recording will be live in the Facebook group until Friday September 10th at 11:59pm EST. At that time they will be permanently removed.

Each day we will have the general session at 2pm EST. Following the daily live, we will have a VIP Q&A and coaching session at 3pm EST. In the evening you are encouraged to complete the daily tasks and ask questions in the Facebook Group each evening should you have any.
Yes, if you have the VIP Experience you will have live Q & A’ s daily where you can ask anything covered in the challenge. If you have General Admission you will have the ability to listen to the Q&A but not to ask questions directly. But your questions will more than likely be asked by someone in the VIP Experience.

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